Monday, November 19, 2012

Avoid Being Jealous!!!

Jealousy! A woman's legacy.

But Always interrupts intimacy.

If used for a good reason, may look like an effort to compete and achieve.

Try not to accept this as one of your quality.

If realized, accept it honestly.

Even If you don't want to think about it; consider this as a matter that needs to be discussed privately.

Do not ignore, or it will overgrow and will become your negative power.  

Kick Away Jealousy and make this a way to learn and show the world your best picture.

Start from you and try helping everyone you knew.

No offence; but sometimes changing your bad qualities need a lot of patience.

This way we can cure hearts. Make them realize of their importance.

Any day is a good day. Anytime is a God’s time; to pure and cure your thoughts.

Unwind possibilities, before there is any casualty.

Always remember; God created just one YOU.

Forgive and Forget the past.

If you want, you will always have room to create a new You at last.
Jealousy if worn at the right way; becomes Attitude. 

If always carried as a practice; turns your thought’s amplitude and affects generations after generations to carry this insecurity.

Sometimes jealousy is so inevitable.

Talking to that person may help you overcome your frustration.

Doesn't matter if you are good or bad; jealousy may attack anyone.

These days this quality is like taking over everyone.

I am learning to Forgive and forget.

This way my wounds will heal and help me understand the fact.
Accepting one’s goodness is the only way to tuck us out from our decisions.

You cannot hold onto your grievances and stay happy throughout your life.

Try to forgive everyone, who makes you feel jealous.

Forgive them who thought you are not intelligent, and continue with your achievement.

Let people, who laughed once, cry for you and more than anything else; feel proud about you.

Create a future that’s free from this cancer –Jealousy.

Before it becomes the modern day’s necessity. 


  1. You penned your thoughts so well. I'm learning a lot from this post. I try to forgive and forget but sometimes the hurt is too deep that it will take a long time to forget it.

    1. Thanks much for your valuable time you spent on reading my post and leaving me such a wonderful comment. I second your opinion. Few things just cannot be forgiven!!! But I try to remember those deep wounds and take it as a challenge to show such people, who I am and what I can do all by myself. I can never love and accept such people in my life again, but I make sure I will never forget to thank them every time I feel low remembering those days; because I got an opportunity to show the world who I can be!!!
      Thanks again...Your words encourage me always...please continue leaving me your valuable comments!!!

  2. I LOVE your poem. There is so much truth there!

    1. Thanks much from the bottom of my heart. Glad to know you took time to read my poem and liked it:)
      This is so encouraging. Please keep visiting!!!

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    1. Thank you so much Aleeza for your beautiful comment. Please keep visiting my blogs. Would love to hear from my fan readers:) <3
      Joined your blog too! Take care and keep in touch.